Showbox for PC Download Windows 10 [Updated 2018]

Bearing in mind that Showbox is a predominantly android based app, you can only run it on PC if you get a compatible emulator, or if, in some way, you can replicate an Android-based ecosystem to act as a bridge between your PC and this full-featured app.

 System requirements

  1. Compatible video and audio drivers-VLC media player can also be a useful addition
  2. Minimum RAM of 2GB
  3. Windows OS of between 7-10, XP
  4. Minimum recommended ROM 4GB
  5. Droid4X, NOX, ARC welder, MEmu, Bluestacks or any highly recommended emulator.

The better your system settings the less time the download and installation process will take. It is also worth taking into account the fact that if your PC has RAM under 2GB, then running the latest version of this app may be a problem.

Showbox Download for PC using Bluestacks

Step 1. Bluestacks is the most widely used android emulator. Download>install.

Step 2. Click on the bluestacks icon to open it, then launch app drawer

Step 3. Go to Browser>download Showboxapk 

Step 4. Install>home>File manager>download directory

Step 5. Click on the Showbox app and launch it on bluestacks.

Easier process than most.

Showbox Download for PC using ARC welder

Step 1. Ensure you have a Chrome browser, if you don’t you’ll need to download it. It is a small file, it shouldn’t take up too much time.

Step 2. Once downloaded and Installed, click on the chrome shortcut on your desktop>open browser>download ARC welder.


Step 3. Install the ARC welder file extension once it has completed downloading>add to chrome

Step 4. Open new tab>apps

Step 5. From apps>click on ARC welder to launch it.

Step 6. Download Showbox

Step 7. From ARC welder>add apk>Showboxapk.>test app.

Step 8. To launch Showbox. Chrome>apps>Showbox.

Showbox on PC using Droid4x, NOX emulators

Step 1. Download any of the above mentioned Android emulators. They work for some systems better than others, so if you get error reports then you can try bluestacks.

Step 2. Click on the .exe downloaded file after the download is complete

Step 3. Install>system reboot immediately after the file is done installing.

Step 4. Login to your Google account

Step 5. Go to browser>download Showboxapk.

Step 6. Access your Droid4x emulator>Showbox to complete the installation process

Step 7. It’s a 40MB file, so it will only take a few minutes to download and install.

Step 8. Open the Showbox app through your emulator and begin enjoying all your favorite TV shows.

 Showbox for PC using MEmu

Step 1. Open browser download MEmu from the official website.

Step 2. Ensure you PC has high-performance capabilities because you will need to boot it a few times. The more the RAM (2GB and above) the faster the booting process.

Step 3. After the download is complete, click on MEmu>Run program>

Step 4. MEmu>Showboxapk>Download>install

Step 5. Menu>Showbox>install. (Make sure you find the latest version of Showbox)

Step 6. Now you can successfully run your Showbox app on the MEmu extension.

Final thoughts

These are only a few full proof ways of ensuring your Showbox app functions properly on your PC/laptop. All the above mentioned have been tried and tested, and they will ensure you get the best value Showbox can offer.